Secure File Share Personal Server 1 TB and Up

Personal Server 1 TB and Up

For the ultimate in access and control, this option is for you. You receive five SS Admin as well as Unlimited Super Admins, Unlimited Admins and Unlimited Users. With all these options, you are running the show for a multi level global corperation. However, the sweet spot is that ICFiles covers all your maintenance, servicing and repair. This way, you get the best of both worlds: all the security and privacy of your own server room and almost none of the costs, while ICFiles takes care of the important mechanical details of keeping your materials locked down and safe.

  • Data Block

  • 1 TB upgradable to 100 TBs

  • File Upload Size

  • 4 GB File

  • Location Admin

  • 10

  • SS Admin

  • 1

  • Super Admin

  • Unlimited

  • Admin

  • Unlimited

  • Users

  • Unlimited

  • Client Folder

  • Unlimited

  • ICFiles Express Desktop App

  • Yes

  • Bandwidth / Port Speed

  • 1000 Mbps

  • Bandwidth Bursting

  • Yes

  • 4096-bit SSL Encryption

  • Yes

  • 256-bit AES Encryption

  • Yes

  • SOC-2 Type II Datacenter

  • Yes

  • 99% Up Time

  • 99%

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